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Class Code

Hull Type

Year of Status 

No. of Crew

No. of Trapeze

Class Designer

Hull Length


Centreboard Boat



Toe Straps

Bruce Kirby

4.23 m

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The ILCA 4, formerly the Laser 4.7, is a sailboat class designed for younger sailors and beginners, introduced as an accessible alternative to the Laser Standard and Laser Radial classes. As the boat shares the same hull design as the ILCA 6 and ILCA 7, it allows sailors to easily transition between classes as they develop their skills, by swapping the mast and sail without needing to purchase a new boat.

The ILCA 4's one-design class ensures fair competition based on skill rather than equipment differences, while the robust construction of the boat guarantees longevity and reliable performance. As it is easy to rig, sail, and maintain, the ILCA 4 is an ideal boat for learning sailing skills, making it a popular choice for sailing schools and clubs.

As in the other ILCA classes, the ILCA 4 is designed for single-handed sailing, helping sailors develop independence and decision-making skills on the water. The boat's durability, with a fibreglass hull and aluminium spars, allows it to withstand the challenges faced by beginner sailors. The simplicity of the boat also makes it relatively affordable compared to other sailboat classes, contributing to its popularity among new sailors.

Many national and international sailing competitions include ILCA 4 events, offering opportunities for young sailors to compete and gain experience, with many successful Olympic sailors having begun their careers in this class.


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