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Class Code


Hull Type

Year of Status 

No. of Crew

No. of Trapeze

Class Designer

Hull Length



Centreboard Boat



Toe Straps

Bruce Kirby

4.23 m

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The ILCA 6 sailboat, formerly known as the Laser Radial, is one of the most popular boats in the world, due to its broad accessibility and simplicity to set up and sail. Designed by Bruce Kirby (CAN) & Ian Bruce (CAN) in 1969, the ILCA 6 has a single mainsail, making it lightweight and fast to sail. As with all ILCA classes, it is built to strict one-design standards, meaning all boats are identical, providing a level playing field during competition.

The ILCA 6’s smaller sail area (5.76m²) makes it easier to handle for lighter-weight sailors. Designed for youth, women, and smaller adult male sailors weighing between 55-70 kg, its manageable size and weight are suitable for those who might find the larger ILCA 7 more challenging. Its simple and durable construction features a single sail, a single tiller, and an uncomplicated rigging system, making it easy to set up, maintain, and sail, even for beginners.

The class has a strong international community with competitive racing in over 120 countries, providing ample opportunities for sailors to participate in local, regional, and international events. As the women's single-handed dinghy class at the Olympics, it is distinguishable from the ILCA 7 by the red rhombus on the mainsail.

The ILCA 6 is favoured by novice sailors as well as experienced ones who appreciate its performance capabilities and tactical challenges. Manufactured by licensed builders across the world, the ILCA 6 is a durable and low-maintenance design, making it an excellent investment for both recreational and competitive sailors, with an excellent resale value.


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