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Class Code


Hull Type

Year of Status 

No. of Crew

No. of Trapeze

Class Designer

Hull Length



Centreboard Boat



Toe Straps

Bruce Kirby

4.23 m

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The ILCA 7, formerly known as the Laser Standard, is a versatile and accessible one-design racing sailboat ideal for intermediate to advanced sailors. It is the largest rig among the three ILCA rig options and is typically sailed by men. Younger and lighter sailors may prefer the ILCA 4 or ILCA 6, which offer smaller sail areas and lighter hull weights. With its lightweight fibreglass hull and a sail area of 7.06m², the boat is designed to accommodate sailors weighing between 75-90kg.

The Laser class has a rich history and global community, with over 215,000 boats built since its introduction. Featured in the Summer Olympics since 1996, the ILCA 7 is the men's single-handed dinghy class, with intense, tactical racing that often comes down to split-second decisions. Successful Olympic and professional sailors, such as Robert Scheidt, Ben Ainslie, and Tom Slingsby, have competed in the ILCA 7 class.

The strong global presence of the ILCA 7 ensures that sailors worldwide can participate in regular races and training events, making it an attractive and rewarding option for sailing enthusiasts of various skill levels and backgrounds. Thanks to its affordability and versatility, the ILCA 7 is popular in sailing clubs and university sailing programs worldwide.

The ILCA 7 is easy to learn for beginners but still offers a challenge for experienced sailors. Its adaptability ensures that it remains popular among sailors seeking to improve their skills and compete at local, regional, and international events. In addition to its use in racing, the ILCA 7 is a versatile boat suitable for recreational sailing, training, and a wide range of skill levels.


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